5hp compressor pump

Eaton Compressor Air Compressor Pumps deliver overwhelming performance to ensure that they meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Our Pumps require less maintenance, service and downtime than any other air compressor pumps on the market.

Hello Matt, I just got around to installing the compressor. I put the oil in it started it upBoy was I happy! Thanks Again Paul. I Have been in the duct cleaning business sinceand have owned a lot of compressors. In this business the compressor is the most important piece of equipment, and you need a lot of air all day long.

I can run this compressor non stop, and the compressor will produce more air than I can use. The price is unbeleivable. In the future, I will buy all of my compressors from Eaton. I rebuilt my old compressor with all new parts from Eaton Compressor. I kept the 60 gallon tank and used all the parts that are used on the 18 cfm unit. It works great. Scott Caldwell. The compressor we got from you is working very well. I just had the second oil change and everything is going well.

It does however run much louder than I had anticipated. I put this compressor on a year ago and glad I did! It out performed my old Craftsman hands down!!! Your review. Solid cast iron 3 cylinder piston series pump Oil lubricated design to extend pump life, based on B bearing life rating Flow-Tek valves, deliver maximum air flow and reliability with low replacement costs Easily accessible design provides easy maintenance and durability Industrial grade ball bearing for maximum performance and extended pump life Built-in head unloaders designed for continuous run applications Pump has a V-Style Pulley — flywheel included on pump V-Style Cylinders for maximum cooling Solid cast-iron cylinders, crankcase, flywheel, crankshaft, and valve plates Sight glass for viewing your oil level Includes oil — holds 1.

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5hp compressor pump

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5hp compressor pump

I have a single phase Baldor electric motor rated at 3hp I have a 4 cylinder Speedaire compressor pump that wants 5hp that is spec'd at If so what will I be giving up vs a 5hp motor? Max pressure? I'll be running air tools in a home shop environment not lots of air all the time Mark.

Joined May 26, Messages 7, Location Phoenix. Probably just burn up the motor. The motor's gonna be straining hard to run a 4 cylinder pump, eventually it's gonna give up the fight. That's my logical guess, anyway. You just gotta slow them down a bunch. What rpm is the 3hp motor?

Model number will give us speed info.Ships same day. Transit time is determined by shipping method and destination. Orders requiring credit information might take additional time. Enter zip code for delivery date estimate. Shipping to change. You have product s in your shopping cart. Saved Shopping List. New Shopping List. Stock up on the Hand Sanitizers you need. Shop our MEGA sale today.

Offer applied at checkout. Return to Category List. Enter zip code for delivery date estimate Shipping to change. Important mo. Our Patented Pressure lubricating pump ensures oil is flowing to all the critical components resulting in less wear and tear. Delivering oil to the pump at RPM's as low as ! Our well-balanced large cast iron flywheel, crankshaft and re-buildable connecting rods provide continuous smooth operation.

5 HP Air Compressor Pump, 18 CFM

Our all cast iron pump provides rigid and precise tolerances. Equipped with an oil pressure gauge to easily monitor running oil pressure, with low oil pressure shut down.

Our pressurized pumps also have a re-usable oil filter for easy maintenance. Our pumps are designed large with low RPM for long life and quite operation. These pumps have a proven life expectancy of over 70, hours!

Harbor Freight 5 HP compressor pump

With our built-in head unloaders for continuous run, large flywheel, low RPM, double B-section belt drive, pressure lubricated pumps we are maximizing the life and energy savings! All back by the best warranty out there! Reviewer: Anonymous Date: October 17, Reviewer: Anonymous Date: July 21, Need Help? Give us a call or click for live chat. Show: 12 per page 24 per page 48 per page. View: Grid List.

Replace your old pump with this quality unit. Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can be shipped via motor freight only.

"replacement air compressor pump"

Please indicate in the comments section of your order whether this item will be shipped to a commercial or residential location,…. Two-stage, cast iron industrial pumps are available in 5, 7.

Patented pump design…. Please indicate in the comments section of your order whether this item will be shipped to a commercial or a residential…. Related Items: Air Compressor Compressor. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can be shipped via motor freight only.

Related Items: Compressor. Note: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS surcharges added to the estimate you have received.

5hp compressor pump w/3hp motor?

Related Items: 2 Stage Compressor Pump. High start torque makes unit articularly well suited for heavy start loads. Applications include pumps, air conditioning equipment, farm equipment, conveyors, business machines, gear reducers, compressors, tools, fans and blowers, and packaging equipment.

Related Items: Air Compressor. Cast iron, Oil lubricated pump features three cylinder design for greater cooling surface; large finned after-cool tube; durable cast iron cylinder body; and aluminum head and valve plate for better heat dissipation.

Oil lubricated belt drive technology provides quiet operation, with less noise than direct drive compressors. Rugged cast iron, twin cylinder pump has aluminum head to dissipate heat better; stainless steel reed valves; precision machined pistons; and durable cast iron…. Showing item 1 - 12 of 17 items found.Results matching fewer words. Skip to main content.

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5hp compressor pump

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