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They touch each other's stumps. What a turn on!

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Amputees Tatiana, Lena and Svetlana and Irina, who has a short leg, crutching together. Good Flickr stream devoted to 3D amputees and other disabilities combined with strong fetish issues.

Amazing Chinese one-legged female long jumper during a Paralympics athletic event. Beautiful Debbie sits on a chair and touches her stump. Debbie sits in swimsuit by the pool and massages her stump. RAK amputee Debbie sits oh her sofa in pretty blue bra and panties and puts on pantyhose adjusted for her stump. Beautiful RAK amputee Cecilia in black lingerie changing stockings. Yes, she wears it on her pretty stump, too. Blog about amputee sexuality: videos, photos and other stuff.

amputee blog

Home Profile Photos Support. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. It is for everyone who is fascinated by sexy stumps and elegant crutchwalking. I'll try to collect the most beautiful amputee videos, photos and stories. Thanks for visiting!

Who are you? Tags 3D art amputee crutches lak lingerie pretender rak sexy.Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales?

Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Submit Your Blog. Get more information about prosthetics by following this feed. Follow this to know about recent events, essential information and the latest community news. Manassas, VA About Blog To reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education, support, and advocacy, and to promote limb loss prevention. Follow this blog for resources and news for amputees, amputation, limb loss, caregivers and healthcare providers.

About Blog Kenzie's Helping Hands informs you about the latest technology used in prosthetics and various camps held by Kenzie. Follow to keep up with our blog. Follow this blog for news updates on custom prosthetics.

This allows our staff to focus on the needs and solutions our patients require to enjoy their quality of life. Follow this blog for custom made dog braces, orthotics and prosthetic devices for your pets. Hicksville, NY About Blog A Step Ahead Prosthetics is the leading provider of prosthetic patient care, offering a full range of prosthetics services for people with limb loss. Facebook fans Washington, USA About Blog Naked Prosthetics manufactures durable, custom, functional finger prostheses specifically for partial hand amputation.

Our mission is to support people with finger amputation and to positively impact their lives by providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses. Follow to get updates. SalfordEngland About Blog Fit 4 Purpose Prosthetics is a project to design and test a low-cost body-powered prosthesis system, optimized for Low to Middle-Income Countries, and establish local methods for fabrication, fitting and evaluation.

Follow to get updates from this blog. Get more information by following our feed.Amputee Youtube Channels Chris Ruden United States About Youtuber Chris Ruden is an elite Powerlifter, entrepreneur, model and motivational speaker despite his congenital birth defect leaving him with only 2 fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm.

He is an advocate for fitness, managing diabetes, and the power of a positive mindset in overcoming any limitation!

Dedicated to sharing my personal experiences and how I moved from a life of unhappiness and self-destructiveness to a world flooded with awesomeness and freedom.

About Youtuber I am a 21 year old amputee after surviving a life threatening boating accident at age I'm here to use my story to bring inspiration, education, hope and Light to this platform and use it to inspire and reach all you lovely and beautiful people out there!

On this channel I will be taking you along my journey of faith, honesty, fitness, dance, my one handed life and everything in-bitween. Come join my community and get inspired wth the most uplifting and encouraging family on YouTube!

United States About Youtuber A Colorado girl tackling the new life of being a below the knee amputee! Follow my journey from before surgery to present date on my channel as I talk about this massive life change, all the ups and downs, and be a part of this new adventure as I discover what life looks like this side of amputation.

United States About Youtuber Videos on camping, hiking and backpacking. Not just for amputees, but that is the focus. My goal is to provide amputees with the knowledge and inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy it. When I was 7 I got meningitis and am now a quadruple amputee. However I don't let this stop me I do trampolining, makeup and so much more. I started my youtube to show others how I continue to live my life to the fullest. Jessica was born without arms but has made achievements that go beyond the attempts of most people.

My name is Neo. I am a double amputee wife and mother of twin boys. This channel shows my daily life with my wonderful family. Come join us for vlogs, parenting skills, lifestyle or anything related to being a wife and mom.

United States About Youtuber A double amputees view on prosthetic technology and a look into my journey! Since May Channel youtube. United States About Youtuber This channel is designed for me to interact with and help to guide any new and recent amputees, as well as any older amputees who still need help, and anybody who is interested in learning more about amputees or our way of life.

This is an informative channel talking about everything having to do with prosthetics and amputees. United States About Youtuber Amy was born with an extremely rare condition called Tetraphocomelia--having no arms or legs. She was then left abandoned at the hospital by her birth parents where the staff was asked if they could 'put her in a room and not feed her. Amy will challenge and inspire you in a way that promises to change your life forever!

Germany About Youtuber We produce videos and images of amputee women. You can see our previews in our channel and sometimes we throw in some specials. About Youtuber I'm a year-old human who likes sharing stories about memorable experiences that I've had and ideas about life, fandoms, witchcraft, philosophy, etc.

I'm a queer and polyamorous amputee. I love Christ, family, lipstick, laughing, hair, and living life on a limb Walk with me on my journey to eternity. About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos about amputee life from Elena Amputee channel.

amputee blog

A drunk driver almost took my life but I am still here and going to make the best out of the life I still have. I love positive people and making a difference in people lives so if you struggling with finding yourself follow me and I'll help you build your confidence. Stay humble. Germany About Youtuber Hi everyone.We are constantly wowed by the ingenuity of the amputees in our community. Often in the comments of our Facebook posts or articles, practical wisdom and creative solutions are shared from one amputee to another.

In this post, we round up the top non-prosthetic products that make life easier or better for amputees. This advice comes straight from experienced amputees who have certainly overcome their fair share of adversity, yet continue to find ways to make life run smoothly.

If you have tips and tricks, please share them in the comments so others can learn! Amber wearing Next Black has an inner and outer strength that help her cope with her amputation. If you have a problem with sweat and you are an AK here is my solution.

50 Amputee Youtube Channels to Follow in 2020

I use Poise panty liner pads made by Kimberly Clark. These pads have a sticky strip on the back that secures the pads in the lower section of the socket where they absorb the sweat. These pads come in varying absorbency I normally use a 2 or 3. Wow, LLoyd Irwin, that sounds like a great idea. Hi guys. Lower limb amputee for 12 years and have battled infected hair folicals for the majority of them. I finally pluck up the courage to either wax or shave. However my question is which is better.

Also what product s would you recommend Thank you. I really like your tip to use velcro on the bottom of the shoe being worn to help with walking on hardwood floors or other slippery surfaces. My daughter is an amputee now. She lost her leg in an accident she is actually in need of a cover. I will make sure to keep this tip in mind as we look for a cover for her. Thanks for the tip to use velcro to secure dressy shoes like flats or sandals.Blake and Audrey spend some time together at the dance recital.

Will it be romance or a disaster? Find out Chapter 7. Table of Contents. Thanks for all the feedback last week! It sounds like the general consensus is you want it out earlier, so I will oblige. I've got it up for preorder and it will be live mid-November. In the meantime, Audrey and Blake are going to get together to see Katie's play Chapter 6.

Chapter 5. Also, because of the US election, I'm feeling very conflicted about when to release this book. The election is on Nov 3, and I may not be in any mindset to promote, depending on the results. But much later and we run into Thanksgiving. And December is too Christmassy. So it's either mid-November or January. Here is the first chapter of the story- it is actually developing into a book, which I am planning on releasing soon, if there is enough interest. So far I am getting a good response and I plan on finishing it around Halloween.

Maybe releasing it then. I am totally in love with Adrian myself, and the female protagonist is very dear to my heart. Apart from the sci-fi aspectthe story is loosely based on someone I have known which is my way of writing so it would mean a lot if you can leave me a comment to let me know what you think! I will always try to respond and thank you again so much for the encouragement! I cannot tell you how much it means to me, so thank you!

Please kindly leave a genuine review on my Amazon page, letting me know if you enjoyed it and how I can improve my writing! Thank you all for the kind words last week on the first part. I'm so excited about this story.

These will be the last two chapters I post as a sample the book releases next week. If you missed it, here are the first two chapters.

I decided to come on here again as I am working on a project which I'd like to share with you all and see if there is any interest in the topic. I am working on a new story that would include a blind sexy vampire who is very OTT possessive and obsessed with the heroine.

Please, share with me your opinions- would you like to read a story like this one?JK Tammeka Tartu 37 36 9 10 17 40 63 -23 8. JK Sillamae Kalev 36 36 10 6 20 52 76 -24 9. Tulevik Viljandi 28 36 8 4 24 34 95 -61 10. Please refresh the page and retry. Along with fingerprint security and boiling water taps, the wine wall is now an expected feature in high-end new developments and we can expect to see more of them in 2017.

Wine walls can be given an ultra-luxurious finish: Smallbone of Devizes uses laser-cut leather panels and almond gold-plated racks. According to Choctaw symbols Cellars, which has seen an increase in people choosing to store their wine in their house rather than digging down into the basement, any spare room from an unloved small bathroom to a spare bedroom can be converted into a wine room, like a miniature bottle library.

Trusted wine consultant Back in the day, one had a wine merchant who sold. Or register now, it's free. Send to 0723604510 and a password will be provided. Get our app for Free from Google Play Store Two Days for 50 shillings. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Who says style and comfort don't go together. Certainly not anyone who wears comfortable shoes for women from Payless. You can have easy-to-wear, stylish shoes to go with any outfit for any occasion.

You'll find pumps and wedges, sandals and mocs, boots and flats, and more. They look great and, just as importantly, they feel good. If you like to look classy and sophisticated for work, you'll love shoes like the Jane Buckle Pump from Comfort Plus by Predictions.

amputee blog

It features a pointed toe and a classic buckle accent. The memory foam insole cushions and cradles your foot, so you feel like you're walking on a cloud no matter how much time you spend on your feet. Sometimes you just need boots to go with those jeans or over your favorite leggings.

21 Things These Amputees Can’t Live Without

Styles like the Tysen Quilted Boot from dexflex Comfort will do the trick. The high, faux-kid-leather upper offers quilted details for a distinctive look, and a full-length zipper makes your boots easy to put on and take off. For comfort, you get a breathable jersey lining and a cushy memory foam insole. Medicos malaysia wedges give you a lift, you'll like the Eleanor Wedge from dexflex Comfort.

The buckle accent and pleated details give you the style you're looking for, and the round toe and breathable insole ensure a comfortable fit. The latex foam that makes up the insole puts a little bounce in your step and protects your foot from the shocks of the day. Dressier occasions often call for a nice sandal, and Payless has what you're looking for. For example, there's the Yorkshire Mid-Wedge Sling, also from dexflex Comfort.

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amputee blog

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Top 30 Prosthetics Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020

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