Red Back Jumping Spider is a species of very common American spiders, and is the most populated among all the jumping spider species in its range. It gets its name for the red coloration on the dorsal side of its rounded abdomen, and for its natural tendency to move by jumping from place to place. Color : Both male and female possess a bright red abdomen, with the female having a central black stripe as sexual dimorphism. Other Characteristic Features: Redback jumping spiders build tubular silk nests and remain inside their homes during nighttime or bad weather conditions.

After a successful mating, the female has the ability to store sperm within its body, and use it for up to 2 years for laying multiple batches of eggs. It can lay eggs every 25 to 30 days, depending upon the season. Each egg sac can contain anything between 40 and eggs. However, the recorded number of eggs in a sac is almost After being laid, it takes almost two weeks for the eggs to hatch.

The young spiders leave their maternal web by being carried on the wind. They eventually grow up and make their independent webs. The redback jumping spider is neither dangerous, nor is its venom toxic to humans. At the most, a bite may result in pain and some local swelling at the site that might last for a few days.

However, if bacterial infections occur around the site, it should not be left untreated. Image Credits: Hmrprint. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Red Back Jumping Spider.

Gaschnig Backjumping, Graph-Based Backjumping

Red Back Jumping Spider Size. Male Red Back Jumping Spider. Red Back Jumping Spider Picture. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By staff Updated : February 27, Dimorphic Jumping Maevia inclemens. Apache Jumping Phidippus apacheanus.

Cardinal Jumping Phidippus cardinalis. About Us Contact Us. A variety of insects including flies, bugs and moth caterpillars and adults, as also other spiders.Kennedi Coop er Oxford Stories Kcooper3 go. A Jackson fitness instructor has leaped into the world of book publishing to help others Bounce Back from weight gain. Valerie Grace has published a book called Bounce Back Jumping that is designed to help readers adopt a healthy lifestyle while jumping rope.

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6. Constraint Satisfaction Problems

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Adults tend to be about a centimeter in length. Both sexes have a bright red abdomen ; the female has an additional black central stripe. The chelicerae of both sexes are of a shining teal color. The rest of the body is mostly black.

It is one of the species of jumping spiders that are mimics of mutillid wasps in the genus Dasymutilla commonly known as "velvet ants" ; several species of these wasps are similar in size and coloration, and possess a very painful sting. The distribution of P. It occurs from sea level to tree lineoccupying relatively dry habitats such as coastal dunes or oak woodlands. Between two and thirty redback jumping spiders per 1, m 2 were found during a study in InNASA sent an individual of this species into space.

This species constructs conspicuous tubular silken nests under rocks and wood on the ground and sometimes grape vines. They remain inside these at night and during bad weather.

Moltingegg laying and sometimes courtship and mating occur inside these nests. Most of the time they feed on prey about half their own size, but a range from 2 millimetres 0. Although found to feed on a wide variety of insects e. Cannibalism does occur from time to time, in the form of females feeding on males. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Species of spider. World Spider Catalog. Natural History Museum Bern. Retrieved Archived from the original on How many solutions are there for the map-coloring problem in Figure australia-figure?

How many solutions if four colors are allowed? Two colors? Choose a CSP formulation. In your formulation, what are the variables? What are the possible values of each variable?

What sets of variables are constrained, and how? Consider the problem of constructing not solving crossword puzzles fitting words into a rectangular grid.

The grid, which is given as part of the problem, specifies which squares are blank and which are shaded. Assume that a list of words i. Formulate this problem precisely in two ways: 1. As a general search problem.


Choose an appropriate search algorithm and specify a heuristic function. Is it better to fill in blanks one letter at a time or one word at a time? As a constraint satisfaction problem. Should the variables be words or letters? Which formulation do you think will be better?

Give precise formulations for each of the following as constraint satisfaction problems: 1. Rectilinear floor-planning: find non-overlapping places in a large rectangle for a number of smaller rectangles. Class scheduling: There is a fixed number of professors and classrooms, a list of classes to be offered, and a list of possible time slots for classes. Each professor has a set of classes that he or she can teach. Hamiltonian tour: given a network of cities connected by roads, choose an order to visit all cities in a country without repeating any.

Solve the cryptarithmetic problem in Figure cryptarithmetic-figure by hand, using the strategy of backtracking with forward checking and the MRV and least-constraining-value heuristics.

You may assume finite domains. Finally, show how unary constraints can be eliminated by altering the domains of variables. Consider the following logic puzzle: In five houses, each with a different color, live five persons of different nationalities, each of whom prefers a different brand of candy, a different drink, and a different pet.

The Spaniard owns the dog. The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left. The green house is immediately to the right of the ivory house. The man who eats Hershey bars lives in the house next to the man with the fox. Kit Kats are eaten in the yellow house. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house. The Smarties eater owns snails.


The Snickers eater drinks orange juice. The Ukrainian drinks tea.In backtracking algorithmsbackjumping is a technique that reduces search spacetherefore increasing efficiency. While backtracking always goes up one level in the search tree when all values for a variable have been tested, backjumping may go up more levels. Whenever backtracking has tried all values for a variable without finding any solution, it reconsiders the last of the previously assigned variables, changing its value or further backtracking if no other values are to be tried.

The efficiency of a backjumping algorithm depends on how high it is able to backjump. Establishing whether a jump is safe is not always feasible, as safe jumps are defined in terms of the set of solutions, which is what the algorithm is trying to find.

In practice, backjumping algorithms use the lowest index they can efficiently prove to be a safe jump. Different algorithms use different methods for determining whether a jump is safe. These methods have different cost, but a higher cost of finding a higher safe jump may be traded off a reduced amount of search due to skipping parts of the search tree.

The simplest condition in which backjumping is possible is when all values of a variable have been proved inconsistent without further branching. In constraint satisfactiona partial evaluation is consistent if and only if it satisfies all constraints involving the assigned variables, and inconsistent otherwise.

It might be the case that a consistent partial solution cannot be extended to a consistent complete solution because some of the unassigned variables may not be assigned without violating other constraints. The backjumping algorithm by Gaschnig does a backjump only in leaf dead ends. Since every variable can usually take more than one value, the maximal index that comes out from the check for each value is a safe jump, and is the point where Gaschnig's algorithm jumps.

The previous algorithm only backjumps when the values of a variable can be shown inconsistent with the current partial solution without further branching. In other words, it allows for a backjump only at leaf nodes in the search tree. An internal node of the search tree represents an assignment of a variable that is consistent with the previous ones.

If no solution extends this assignment, the previous algorithm always backtracks: no backjump is done in this case. Backjumping at internal nodes cannot be done as for leaf nodes. As a result, searching for a prefix that is inconsistent with these values of the last variable does not succeed. In particular, the algorithm "knows" that no solution exists from this point on because it comes back to this node instead of stopping after having found a solution.Forgot your password?

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