Pharmaceutics notes pdf

Sir plz give me a 1st year of D pharmacy notes 6 subject are available plz sir give me a pdf. Pharm Pharmaceutical chemistry Chapter No. Pharm, D. Great post, thanks for sharing this information.

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In this article I will explain, how you can easily join your mobile device as a webcam to Home About Contact Sitemap. Home B. Micromeritics, Physical Pharmaceutics B.

Pharmacy Notes PDF. HarkeshHK B. Pharmacy EducationMicromeriticsPhysical Pharmacy. It is the science and study of a small particle. Named by Dalla Valle. Dissolution : Increase in surface area by particles size reduction leads to increase in drug dissolution rate. Appearance: Color, Texture and particle size enhancement. Flow ability : Granulation technique convert powder into granule of uniform size, to increase flow property.

pharmaceutics notes pdf

Rheology : More small particles - More particle-particle intration - Increase resistance to flow. Stability : Small Particle size - enhance stability. Mixing : Small Particle size - enhance mixing. Extraction : Small Particle size - enhance extraction. Particle number. Particle shape. Particle surface area. Projected Diameter: Diameter of a Sphere have same area as that of asymmetric particle then viewed under optical microscope.

Stoke diameter: Diameter of a Sphere have same sedimentation rate as that of asymmetric particle.

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Sieve Diameter: Diameter of a Sphere that passes though the same sieve aperture as that of asymmetric particle. Volume Diameter: Diameter of a Sphere have same volume as that of asymmetric particle. Volume Surface: Diameter: Diameter of a Sphere have same volume to surface areas that of asymmetric particle. No comments:. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Social Widget facebook [3. Labels B. Comments recentcomments.Like Liked by 1 person.

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Skip to content Home First Year B. First Year B. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Pharmacy notes of first year. Hi i too want some information please can u help me Like Like. I want b phama 1 year notes Like Like. Vey useful Like Like. B pharma chahiye Please contact us Like Like. Very useful Like Like.This blog has been created to help pharmacy students from around the globe communicate with each other and find the essential topics of their syllabus on their fingerprints.

All sorts of pharmacy notes like Pharmacology notes, Physiology Notes, Pharmacognosy Notes etc will be posted regularly for pharmd students in raw text and download ready pdf and ppt files. General introduction: Antibiotics in the language of pharmacology is a class of drugs that possess their pharmacological action against Pharmacy Notes: Pharmacology Pharmacognosy Physiology. Pages Home About Privacy Policy. The actual material in the below links belongs to their respective authors and I just shared their links for your convenience.

To download as pdf or ppt open each of the following links in a new tab and your download should begin instantly. This page will be regularly updated, so subscribe for further considerations. Inform me about any broken links and I will try to update them.

These pdf notes will cover most of the portion of pharmaceutics which is important from examination point of view. Email This BlogThis! Labels: pharmaceutics notes pharmaceutics notes list pharmacy notes. Facebook Twitter. Newer Post Older Post Home. Categories anatomy notes dispensing notes pharmaceutics notes pharmacognosy notes pharmacology notes physiology notes. Facebook Page. Follow by Email.Class: Diploma in pharmacy Part I.

Subject: Pharmaceutics I. Subject code - Model answers. It is a mono phasic liquid preparation meant for application to the skin. It is a mono phasic liquid preparation meant for external application. Applied to the skin with friction.

Applied without friction. Should not be applied to broken skin because it may cause excessive irritation. Used as counter irritant or rubefacient. Applied with the help of cotton wool. Used for local action as cooling, soothing, protective. Therefore, gr of dextrose is dissolved in water and diluted to 8 fl oz will produce.

What are the mechanisms involved in size reduction? Some variation in the aperture size is unavoidable and when this variation is expressed as a percentage it is known as aperture tolerance average size. In fact, it is a limit given by pharmacopoeia within a particular dimension or average aperture size can be allowed to vary and still be acceptable for the purpose for which it is used. Mixing is the most widely used operation in which two or more than two substances are combined together.

Perfect mixing is that in which each particle of one material lies as nearly adjacent as possible to a particle of the other material. Extraction may be defined as the treatment of the plant or animal tissues with solvent, whereby the medicinally active constituents are dissolved and most of the inert matter remains undissolved.

In freeze drying, water is removed from the frozen state by sublimationi. Capsules are a solid dosage form in which the drug substance is enclosed in a water soluble shell or an envelope. A capsule shell is made from gelatin. The capsules are available both as hard gelatin capsule and soft gelatin capsule.

Write the different factors affecting size reduction. With the neat diagram. Factors affecting size reduction:.

Ball Mill Principle:. Impact or attrition or both are responsible for the size reduction. It consists of a hallow cylinder, which is mounded on a metallic frame in such a way that it can be rotated on its longitudinal axis. The length of the cylinder is slightly greater than its diameter. Cylinder is made of a metal and is usually lined with chrome.Lecture Notes in Pharmacy Practice will help to prepare students for what they will experience when they start practising in real-life healthcare settings.

It also applies to practitioners in their day-to-day work, aiding pharmacists in their efforts to stay abreast and maintain competency. Lecture Notes in Pharmacy Practice is also available as an eBook. FASTtrack: Applied Pharmaceutical Practice guides student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians through the main stages of Includes both open- and MCQs in Pharmacy Practice. Azzopardi, Lilian M Second edition. A study aid with MCQs.

pharmaceutics notes pdf

Assess your knowledge, analytical skills, and ability to apply News PharmPress. Revise for your registration exam with questions online.

pharmaceutics notes pdf

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Due to ongoing disruption with supply chains, if you are unable to place a bulk order for our printed pharmaceutical books and products through your normal channels we can help. Email us at pharmpress-support rpharms. Lecture Notes in Pharmacy Practice. Lecture Notes in Pharmacy Practice is a comprehensive study guide with clear, bulleted information on the basic principles in pharmacy practice.

A comprehensive study guide which summarises the basic principles in pharmacy practice. Lecture Notes in Pharmacy Practice comprises 70 concise chapters covering clinical pharmacy in both community and hospital settings, as well as the practice of pharmacy in other areas.

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Model Answer - D.pharm Part 1 - Pharmaceutics 1

About us PharmD Info is the Portal, serving as an online forum dedicated to the pharmacy professionals. Read more. Indian Pharmacists Forum. Remember me. No posts. Clinical Toxicology Management of poisoning, Elimination Enhancement, Toxicokinetics,Food poisonings, Substance abuse,Opiates overdose,Antidotes and the clinical applications.

All Pharmaceutical Chemistry Notes PDF Chapter 1 to 13

Sulphonamides and sulphones, Cardiovascular agents. Pharmaceutical Formulations Preparations of tablets,capsules,liquids,parental,semi solids, ointments, Controlled and novel Drug delivery systems, Factors affecting absorption, Sterilization. Pathophysiology cell injury and Adaptation, Inflammation, Diseases of Immunity, Cancer, Types of shock, Biological effects of radiation, Environmental and nutritional diseases.

Pharmacology-I General Pharmacology, Pharmacology of drugs acting on ANS, Pharmacology of drugs acting on cardiovascular system, Pharmacology of drugs acting on cardiovascular system.

Pharmacotherapeutics-I Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, General prescribing guidelines, Ophthalmology, rational drug use, Glaucoma, Conjunctivitis, diabetes, hypertension. S Thu Jul 25, pm. Medicinal Biochemistry Enzymes, Carbohydrate metabolism, Lipid metabolism, Biological oxidation, Protein and amino acid metabolism, Liver function tests,The kidney function tests, Immunochemical techniques.

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Nomenclature of organic compound, Free radicals chain reactions, Nuclophilic aliphatic substitution mechanism, Dehydro halogenation of alkyl halides, Electrophillic and free radicals addition.

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Volumetric analysis, Acid-base titrations, Redox titrations, Non aqueous titrations, Precipitation titrations, Complexometric titrations, Theory of indicators.