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A new area opens up to you! DJ set, projection mapping, bars, ferris wheel Open from 11am to 1am. An urgency service is organised with the Civil Defence inside the festival site.

Plan du site

And to quench your thirst, some twenty bars and fountains of water are at your disposal on the site of the festival. New : Locate all food stands and bars via the application!

Locate the exact distance that separates you from the meal of your choice.

plan du site

The application even tells you the probable files at peak times! Pitchers are not accepted or offered for sale on the festival. Although the presence of children is not recommended, children aged benefit from half-price, only applied when the ticket is purchased in physical stores not online.

Many toilets are available on the festival site. By the way, we inform our male guests that there are enough toilets to avoid relieving yourself on fences…. Objet perdu? Found objects will be collected at the information point of the Castle's Park. If you lose your mobile phone, this number will be essential to give you it back. Sweats, t-shirts, lunettes… Repartez avec un souvenir du festival!

Visit the online store on our website, to discover the items of les Vieilles Charrues Return with a reminder of the festival! Sharp objects, weapons, bottles and glass objects, cans, alcohol, camera, film camera, any type of container water will be freely distributed at all festival barsumbrella, selfie sticks, illegal substances, fireworks and Bengal fires, wheeled objects, burners and other gas installations.

A body-search will take place at entrances. Thank you for following the guidelines to facilitate the work of security. Les animaux de compagnie ne sont admis ni sur le site, ni dans les campings. Domestic animals are not allowed either on the site or at the campsite.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Duis nisl nisl, aliquam eu est et, rhoncus eleifend turpis. Etiam sit amet porta ipsum. Donec molestie tincidunt ante, sollicitudin faucibus orci tincidunt a.Plan de Ayutla is an archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization.

It is located in the municipality of Ocosingo of the Mexican state of Chiapas. The ruins are notable for having the earliest urban remains in the Upper Usumacinta region, as well as a unique ancient theater for elite use. The ancient identity of the site is subject to debate. The modern name comes from a nearby Tzeltal community, itself named after the Plan de Ayutla. Plan de Ayutla is in the Upper Usumacinta area, about 3. It is in a mountainous area of the Lacandon Jungle known as the Sierra de Jalapa.

The site is part of the municipality of Ocosingo, State of Chiapas in southeast Mexico, close to the border with Guatemala. Archaeologists consider that Plan de Ayutla may be one of two ancient sites known from inscriptions found elsewhere: Ak'e or Sak Tz'i'.

So far, no conclusive evidence has been found as to the identity of the site. Plan de Ayutla is in a location that is between all these sites. Martos also posits that the last inscription from the region dates from and mentions Sak Tz'i' at a time when there is still evidence of occupation and construction at Plan de Ayutla.

Finally, on some looted panels recovered from the region, a lord of Sak Tz'i' is styled a "Ballplayer. Sak Tz'i' had important ties to Piedras Negras at several points in its history. Plan de Ayutla's North Acropolis is very similar to the Grand Acropolis of Piedras Negras, which could be an indicator of an important link between the two sites.

The case for Ak'e takes into account that the identification of Ak'e as the exclusive emblem glyph Bonampak is problematic, and that the ruling dynasty of this city may have come from elsewhere - perhaps Plan de Ayutla - before installing itself at Bonampak. Against this theory, archaeologists note that Plan de Ayutla's double-gallery buildings are similar to those of nearby Ojo de Agua and Nuevo Jalisco, and dissimilar to those of Bonampak and its neighbor, Lacanha.

These differences may indicate different political entities. Multiple domestic constructions used by the population for religious purposes. The first architectural evidence at the site dates from ca.

plan du site

E [2] The discovery of an ancient residential complex dating from somewhere between 50 B. If Plan de Ayutla was indeed Sak Tz'i', its history is tied to the political turmoil that was particularly intense in the region between and C.

Epigraphy around these events is not conclusive. One hypothesis argues for the survival of K'ab' Chan Te' as a vassal of Piedras Negras who then aids his new overlord against Bonampak and La Mar in To make matters more complicated, the K'ab' Chan Te' mentioned may be another ruler of the same name, since K'ab' Chan Te' is a recurring name among Sak Tz'i rulers.

In any case, either as a vassal or an opponent of Piedras Negras, Sak Tz'i' ruled a polity extending from at least La Mar to Bonampak in the seventh century. Aj Sak Maax was the ruler of Sak Tz'i' from the s and at least until We use cookies to optimize the design and performance of our websites.

plan du site

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plan du site

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Livre 4. Histoire d'Astree et Phillis. Livre 5. Histoire de la tromperie de Climanthe. Histoire de Stelle et Corilas. Livre 6. Histoire de Diane. Livre 7. Histoire de Tircis et Laonice. Histoire de Tyrcis et Laonice. Livre 8. Histoire de Silvandre.

Histoire de Hylas. Livre 9. Histoire de Galathee et Lindamor.