Saiga 12 tarkov modding

Modding guns in Escape From Tarkov is an almost spiritual experience. Where most online shooters might give you a choice of scope and muzzle attachment, Tarkov lets you customize every conceivable component.

Gas tubes, barrels, receivers, side mounts, and optics can all be replaced to create your perfect angel of death, a weapon of war tailored to your every desire. The guns you are about to witness are not these guns. Because with light, so must come darkness, and the freedom of Tarkov's overwhelmingly complicated gun modding lets you make some truly abhorrent monsters.

These are just a few of my favorite guns, each one so weird it could be an Exotic weapon from Destiny 2. And if you dare follow in my footsteps, I've even created a shopping list for each one so you can easily recreate them. And God saw the light, and it was, like, really bright.

You cannot kill that which you cannot see is probably the most fundamental truth of any shooter, but thankfully there's the Eye of Providence, a Colt M4A1 equipped with five flashlights that will let you peer into even the blackest abyss and bathe your enemies in radiant, scintillating light.

And to make sure you can always get a bead on your foes, I have attached five separate optics: three reflex sights mounted on a Nightforce ATACR x56 scope, with a fifth T-1 reflex sight mounted at an angle along the handguard.

Other notable features include a suppressor and drum magazine because reloading is for losers. Any warrior worth his salt can kill regardless of the weapon, and Box of Chocolates is the gun that separates warriors from corpses. I have meticulously loaded its round drum magazine with at least one of each different type of gauge ammo, meaning you'll never know whether your next shot will unleash a devastating 12x70mm AP slug or just some useless buckshot.

But that shouldn't concern a true warrior like you. Along with the customary suppressor, Box of Chocolates also comes with a laser designator and dual flashlights—so you can guarantee your enemies will always be coming to you. Though you might think this a mere PM pistol modded with a sight mounted suppressor, the inverse is actually true: This is a suppressor modded with a pistol.

Yes, the distinction matters. Legends say that eons ago mythical gunsmiths called the Alpha Dogs forged a suppressor with a weaver rail built on top of it so that warriors could mount optics on the suppressor itself.

It was, naturally, branded as heresy and the Alpha Dogs were disembowled in front of The Autarch and his court. Most were of these profane suppressors were thought destroyed, but a few have apparently survived.

A rifle with 5 scopes and other dumb guns you can make in Escape From Tarkov

This AKSU platform boasts four laser designators to ensure you can always get a bead on your target—which is good because you'll need all the help you can get the moment you pull the trigger. The AKSU already suffers from wild recoil, but without a stock this bad boy will kick harder than a mule, making it a challenge to kill even the closest target. To compensate, Bucking Bronco comes with an enormous round drum mag, so you can spray and pray all day.

The two optics, however, are a cruel joke by its designer: Both of them are obscured by the other and pretty much useless. Something tells me you won't need them anyway. The Lil' Prowler is a compact SMG boasting an expensive nightvision optic perfect for stalking your prey and gunning them down in the black of night. The round drum mag is a necessity, though, since you'll need all the help you can get trying to shoot up close while looking down a 3.

If you manage to survive until dawn you won'tLil' Prowler even features a secondary reflex sight mounted on top of the nightvision scope.

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Below: All these gifs have sound, so be sure to turn it on when watching. Steven Messner. See comments. Topics FPS.I recently set a "Hobby Budget" for my new Saiga 12 shotgun. I bought the gun from PFI and I love it. The only issue I had with them is that one of the sling brackets on the side of the T6 stock came in broken and they aren't super responsive about a replacement or anything.

On to my question I had them convert the gun for me, add a Tapco T6 adjustable stock, do a "gas system overhaul" so that it could fire the cheap stuff, got the gunfixers plug, limbsaver stock pad, and the large charging handle. I LOVE this gun. This is as much as I can afford at the moment due to tons of other expenses in my life right now. I want to know which mods you guys would do and in which order?

I know this will take a very long time to get these mods with the set budget, but I'm willing to wait and do these things over time. Is that Tapco or PFI not being responsive abotu the stock? Personally I got a drum because its bad ass, but I prefer shooting with 5 and 8 round stick mags they're much easier to load. Still no way to find out except to try. There is also the issue that having a quad rail doesn't help until you've also got the appropriate items to attach to it, which might take you awhile to get it properly equipped.

All good, all purchaseable that are well below your monthly limit, can get several per month. Also not a usefull item to get until you have a method to mount it, either your desired Titan rail system or an AK style optic mount.

Hey thanks for the response! Yours is very similar to what I'm going for. What stock is that? Also what sight and rail are you using there? Looks great! I suggest doing this just as you should pay your bills. Start with the smaller, more manageable things 2 mags shipped are right about your monthly limit that are necessary and practical. These will allow enjoyment of your gun while you wait for the bigger purchases. My list in order would be I say this before the drum because a 20 drum is fun as he'll to shoot, but you will waste a ton of ammo through it.

So do it after 3 months of saving ammo so you can thoroughly enjoy it. Plus stick mags are more practical and useful for home defense and carry. You still have plenty of mags and a drum to keep you interested. With the chaos rail you have to remove your factory sights so you need something for those months while you save up for a good optic.

A lot of people recommend an eotech or trijicon, but Nkomo makes a red dot monarch that is 1moa and gets awesome reviews. It is about half the cost of the super high end and Nikon is a great company.

Good luck. I have the T6 as well. However my rail get up is the OEM forearm modded by Tromix to have an underslung rail. I wanted mine to be light and easy to maneuver with simplistic features that allow for the most ease of use.

So far I have that. It's not done yet but it has quickly become my favorite shotgun I have. You can get lower sights like the HKs that Chaos will sell with the Titan, they don't flip down though so not sure how well they work when combined with an optic mounted at the same time.

I assume with them being fixed and lower that you'd either use a lower optic like an Aimpoint micro or stick with something taller on a quick release mount.By bagofpurp, January 12, in Escape From Tarkov.

These are taken directly from the official mega thread. Also give the some best builds ect. Once we finalize our current projects, maybe you can provide us with an example for one weapon. If we like we can work on the others. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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saiga 12 tarkov modding

Come hang out, make new friends and enjoy your time with our united internationally supported gaming community! Escape From Tarkov. Insane depth! All Weapon Mods! By bagofpurp, January 12, in Escape From Tarkov every attachment mods all guns not mines. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted January 12, Very good guide with all attachments available. PM t 9x18PM Pistol.

PM 9x18PM Pistol. Vepr VPO Saiga-9 9x19 Carbine. Saiga 12ga Ver. AS VAL. Kalashnikov AKSU 5. MR 12ga Shotgun. MP 12ga Semi-Automatic Shotgun. AKN 5. Colt M4A1 5. PR 9x19 Pistol. TT Pistol 7.Those with little experience using real firearms already have plenty of hurdles to overcome in Escape from Tarkov, with most guns boasting over ten different components, so struggling to choose between all the different ammo types being sold across the several vendors is understandable.

Here we break down the best Tarkov ammo to use for each type so you can head into each raid with confidence. In general all 9x18mm are useless against armour, but they have decent damage stats. Get Prapor up to level 3 in order to buy all of these. This round is pretty much only compatible with the TT pistol and boasts average stats across the board. We recommend taking the TT with GZH rounds as a high penetration backup should you run out of ammo for your primary.

Generally, they offer very low armour penetration but deal decent flesh damage per shot. The AP 6. Specifically manufactured for the pistol and P90 SMG, this round was built with penetration in mind. Slugs are solid lead projectiles that essentially convert your shotgun into a rifle.

Hitting someone with one of these will punch through armour well and destroy any body part you hit. The AP20 slug has the best penetration power, to ensure you make it through the armour. Buckshot is a spread of concentrated pellets that can still provide multiple hits at medium ranges, armour will defeat the pellets easily. The Magnum Buckshot rounds will deal good damage, and if two of the nine projectiles hit an unarmoured body part it will be immediately destroyed.

It makes up for this with large damage. Generally, these rounds offer great armour penetration and flesh damage, so you should be just fine aiming for the thorax. PS rounds offer slightly more damage against flesh without compromising too much in terms of amur penetration, so consider these a solid backup.

One of the biggest calibres accessible to new players, the 7. If you prefer to aim for the thorax and simply punch through any armour in your way then the best options is the M round, which still falls short of the average 7.

The M is somewhere between the two — mediocre armour pen but plenty of flesh damage. These shred class 4 armour, but struggle against anything thicker. And there you have it, all the best Escape from Tarkov ammo types for each weapon. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Best PC hardware deals today.

Weapon Modding Tool

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saiga 12 tarkov modding

Install Saiga Pack Mod via Steam. This mod adds Saiga Pack to Ravenfield. Automatic shotgun within the AK format. Capable of clearing rooms and sweeping away those pesky Reds. Holds 8 rounds of buck shot for that perfect multkill. Two different Saigas. One with iron sights and one with Holo sights. Editor's Pick. Popular Now.

saiga 12 tarkov modding

Railway Empire Review by GameWatcher. CMS Toyota Supra CMS Bugatti Divo. City Car Driving: Toyota Hilux 3. City Car Driving System Requirements. City Car Driving Mods Installer. Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich. Ravenfield System Requirements. How to Install Ravenfield Mods. Ravenfield: WW2 weapons pack. Ravenfield: Tactical Warfare Pack. Ravenfield: Omaha Beach V2. Ravenfield: Ravenfield Battalions Pack [M60 is out! Ravenfield: Saiga Pack Game Junkie Next Prev. Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

Game: Ravenfield. Category: Weapons. Authors: NightFromTheWest Version: 21 Oct File size: 1. Rate it! Rate Here. Community Rating. Posted In. RavenfieldRavenfield Weapons. About The Author. You might also like. Ravenfield Ravenfield Weapons.Like the Kalashnikov rifle variants, it is a rotating boltgas-operated gun that feeds from a box magazine. All Saiga configurations are recognizable as Kalashnikov-pattern guns by the large lever-safety on the right side of the receiverthe optic mounting rail on the left side of the receiver and the large top-mounted dust cover held in place by the rear of the recoil spring assembly.

The Saiga is manufactured by the arms division of Izhmashin Russia. Izhmash also manufactures Saiga 20s and Saiga s in gauge and. The picatinny rail layout is similar to the civilian version. The Saiga incorporates several features absent on the AK and similar firearms. Since shotgun shells are nearly twice as wide as 7. However, since the bolt had to remain the same length to fit inside the AK sized receiver, the rear section of the bolt is covered by a sliding metal flap that rides on the recoil spring.

This allows the gun to be sealed against dirt when the bolt is forward, but the compression of the recoil spring during firing moves the flap rearward to clear the extracted shells. For the likely reason of simplifying production of Izhmash 's other Kalashnikov-pattern guns, the Saiga extractor does not rotate, but instead delegates the bolt-locking function to a caliber-neutral lug directly behind the bolt-face.

This would essentially render it a straight-pull mechanism. The Saiga is manufactured in several different configurations ranging from more traditional-looking hunting models to military-style models utilizing AK or SVD hardware.

All these versions are available for purchase by civilians in Russia. The mm version K for "korotkaya", "short" has an AK-style pistol grip and folding stock. Optional screw-in chokes are available. A standard AK rail for optics may be mounted on the left side of the receiver.

Two, five, seven, eight and twelve round box magazines are available, as well as ten, twelve, and twenty round aftermarket drums. All magazines may be interchanged with all 12 gauge models sometimes minor fitting may be necessaryalthough factory-original magazines from Russia only exist in 5- 7- and 8-round box configurations.

Prior to importation to the US, all Saiga shotguns are configured with a traditional fixed "hunting-style" rifle stock and 5-round magazine. Factory 8-round box magazines are not imported in the US though they are legal for import in other countriesmaking them quite rare on the civilian market. Recently, a newly configured version of the Saiga 12 was introduced. Called the Saiga Taktika modit features an extended magazine well, last round bolt hold open recently produced very rarely and replaced with manual bolt holdhinged dust cover with Picatinny rail for mounting optics, picatinny rail gas block, and a newly designed 8-round magazine not interchangeable with other Saiga models.

This design seems to address deficiencies that the Saiga 12 had in function. The traditional AK "rock and lock" magazine system and the difficulties associated with magazine has been replaced by a vertical insertion system that allow the magazine to be inserted with only one hand. The hinged dustcover with picatinny rail makes mounting optics simpler, and is closer to the bore axis, making sighting of optics easier.

The gas-block rail system allows for the addition of combat lights and vertical fore grips. The last round bolt hold open gives the user instant feedback that the firearm is empty and allows for a quicker magazine change. This model featured a shortened barrel with a permanently attached brake.By rsOctober 10, in Vepr So after reading several other threads about magazines i have decided to compile some images of the different magazines that could possibly work for the vepr S12 mags modifed for SGM or JTE magwells- i actually have a jte magwell and like it so i am hoping that the new vepr 12 i have on order will take the mags i already have for the JTE magwell, but i have no idea.

Great post, but what I would love is a list of mags that will fit the Vepr 12 and where to get them in the UK. Wish I could help steve but I have no idea. I would think it would be easier for you to get them in the UK than we can here in the US. And I can't wait to try the vepr 12 sgm mags out. I did not include them on the list because I couldn't find a picture of them.

The wait for these guns and mags is killing me! I wonder how close they will be to the mags? Did you look at Rusmilitary? I can't link them, they are not a business member. Last time I checked they had V12 8rd mags. Any decent US source for these Saiga 12 mag well style magazines? Could Stock Saiga 5 round magazines be modified to function reliably in the Vepr12???

Dose anyone have one of these and Izzy mag for side by side comparison. If this and the izzy works fine in saiga I do not see a reason for it not to work in Vepr. And now we know that izzy will work with Vepr. Depends on what you want. I'm all in on that mod.