Silent hunter 3 windows 10 free download

This ultra-pedantic sub-sim is still the best way of shouting 'dive dive dive' from the safety of your relatively dry desktop. It's as if the hordes of sub-sim developers saw Silent Hunter 3, reclined in their leather office chairs, breathed a massive sigh of despair and said "there, that's submarines, they got submarines", before going home and applying for a real job.

It's still graphically impressive and amazingly detailed. Then again, playing a submarine simulator hasn't gotten any more exciting either. It has however, gotten cheaper, so have a per cent on us. For The latest in the venerable sub sim series. Ubisoft has recruited a penfull of Romanian games designers, programmers and artists and has pretty much left them to get on with it. The results could be impressive, for as well as the usual engine room improvements, one new feature that's sure to add a new human dimension to the proceedings is the 3D crew members - who'll nod, wink and whistle in tune with your orders.

Along with dynamic campaigns, we're quietly hoping SS3 will set a new standard in aquatic warfare. IT TOOK the better part of a day for me to fire my first honest-to-God, non-training mode torpedo, and it came as welcome relief.

Except for the bit when it just bounced harmlessly off the target's bow - just another dud in a war full of the buggers. I nearly didn't go back to Silent Hunter III after that, although it would have been my loss rather than the game's fault, since SHIII is a much-needed shot of claustrophobic goodness what happened to elise on say yes to the dress a flagging genre. The amount of care and detail lavished on this from the cheering crowds as you leave dock to the sausages and bananas hanging from the sub's interior ceiling beams is phenomenal - it could so easily have been a half-hearted rushed job for a limited audience.

There's a touch of redundancy about the 3D interiors - full FPS-style 3D would have been welcome, rather than the Myst -style click-and-move on offer - especially since hotkeys take you instantly to any station you need. Even multiplayer works a treat, with multiple subs acting as a wolfpack, or just disregarding the war and torpedoing the hell out of each other for kicks. The Al puts up a good fight at the higher realism settings, and should you wish to throw caution to the wind and try manual torpedo solutions, you'll either be in maths heaven, or find your brain oozing from your ears or both.

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Silent hunter for windows 10

The king of submarine simulations returns with an all-new 3D engine, new crew command features, and more realistic WWII naval action than ever before. The movie-like graphics and simple, tension-filled gameplay make this the perfect game for the realism fanatic and the casual gamer.

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silent hunter 3 windows 10 free download

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Share Embed.Enter the virtual version of naval warfare during World War II. Control a military officer tasked with patrolling the seas and fighting the enemy in a submarine. Organize the work of your crew, monitor the surroundings, engage in combat, maintain service conditions. The common filenames for the program's installer are sh3.

The following versions: 1. This program was originally created by Ubisoft Entertainment. This download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as virus free. Create your own realistic naval war story. Your military career will be influenced by successful command decisions in an unscripted and non-linear WWII campaign.

The crew will take orders and evolve based on the results of each patrol. Windows Mac. Download now. Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment. Comments You can also add comment via Facebook. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users.

Subscribe to comments:. Latest update: Apr 30, Related software. Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific Strategy. MaGUI Strategy. SH3 Commander Utilities.

Diablo III Roleplay. Silent Start System Optimization. Downloaded for. Download silent hunter 3 free. Silent hunter for windows Hunt, hide and kill as you take command of U. Create your own realistic naval war story.

silent hunter 3 windows 10 free download

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Download silent hunter 3 free

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Windows 10 Desktop Conclusion Uninstall Windows 10 built-in Luckily, Windows 10 provides you Windows Mac. Windows Users' choice Silent hunter for windows 10 Silent hunter for windows 10 Most people looking for Silent hunter for windows 10 downloaded: Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific. Silent Hunter III. Driver Genius. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. MSI Gaming App. Speed Install. Memory Cleaner. Silent Install Builder. How to easily reinstall Windows How to uninstall programs in Windows 10 with system tools.

How to effectively backup and restore your Windows 10 PC. How to disable ads in Windows How to Increase Internet speed in Windows How to use the remote desktop feature of Windows Twitter Facebook.Perhaps the best WWII-era sub sim out there!

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Everything was more primitive, everything was deadlier, and never since or before had submarines played such a strategic and notorious role in active warfare. As fans of the previous games might expect, Silent Hunter III follows in the footsteps of its immediate predecessor in placing the player at the helm of a German U-Boat — and boy what a ride it is!

Silent Hunter 3 is as much as an RPG as it is a sim. You are a a WWII U-boat commander with a career played out in a completely dynamic campaign in which you can decide for yourself what defines success.

Do you want to see if you and your crew can survive the entire war? Then you may circumspect in the risks you take. Or do you feel it is your duty to throw caution to the wind and try to sink everything in sight? Then you will likely have a short but glorious career. You gain fame if you do well, and you can upgrade the equipment and crew by trading on that fame. It will also have an emphasis on crew management.

You can keep the same crew during your entire career, and they will evolve according to the results of your patrols, with rewards in the form of rank, skills, and medals. Crew performance will also vary during a mission. One fresh from shore leave is likely to perform better than a group exhausted by combat. During missions, crew members transmit vital information, and bark affirmatively when issued new orders.

With no computers and GPS, you often have to get close enough to eyeball the enemy before launching your torpedoes. At full realism settings, you have to hand-calculate the angles, speed and distance to the target, the gyro settings for your torpedoes, and more — although you can let your weapons officer do the math for you.

A wide range of video and interactive tutorials are designed to ease in such players into the secrets of World War II submarine warfare. In this respect, Ubisoft took advantage of the AI crew to offer feedback to casual players.

There are numerous customization options for each realism mode to placate both parties without alienating either.Silent Hunter 3 is a submarine simulation game for Windows. The game takes place during World War 2. You are given the task to captain a submarine which is a part of the North-Atlantic fleet.

Your orders are to patrol the seas. Every patrol mission will determine the outcome of your whole career. If you do well during a patrol, and, say, destroy several enemy submarines, the next time you go out, your crew will perform better. In other words, your crew will earn experience every time they go out to the sea.

The game is relatively slow-paced, so if you are looking for an action game, you might as well keep looking.

silent hunter 3 windows 10 free download

However, the strategy involved in commanding a submarine is challenging, to say the least. It is also really rewarding. You get to manage everything on board. And, ultimately, it will be your fault if your submarine gets sank. The graphics aren't really something to call home about, but since you are stuck in an iron tube, you don't really need fancy graphics. Read more. Review summary. Pros Strategic game. Info updated on: Oct 08, Recent downloads.

Latest updates.This third game's interface is intended to be more intuitive and accessible for those new to the series. Players access different submarine controls and functions by actually approaching them in the virtual submarine cabin environment. The game features both historical and fictional missions, as well as an editor to let players create their own scenarios. The difficulty level can be adjusted, from a strict simulation approach to a more action-oriented style of play.

Online multiplayer games, both cooperative and competitive, are also supported. Immersive, atmospheric, enthralling - pick an affirmative adjective and it'll likely stick to UbiSoft's Silent Hunter III like a magnet to steel. In fact, this WWII U-boat simulation is so good it could single-handedly rescue the long-floundering simulation genre. Delayed for six months so the UbiSoft Romania development team could add a full dynamic campaign, the refit was well worth the wait.

SH3 maps the entire Atlantic theater, and this massive oceanic environment teems with hundreds of independently generated merchant and naval vessels. As the war progresses, North American supply convoys will entice you into opportunistic torpedo attacks while their shepherding destroyers employ intelligent and cunning tactics to locate and destroy you. Individual career patrols can last weeks - time acceleration eliminates the boring bits - and nothing drives home the tension of U-boat command like the rapid-fire sonar pings from a hovering Flower-class Corvette who's still pissed about the two tankers you torpedoed as you nervously flee to hull-popping depths.

Silent Hunter III Download (2005 Strategy Game)

The gameplay in SH3 is full-to-overflowing with Das Boot-esque moments. The sim's eight distinct U-boat hulls 43 counting variants boast down-to-the-rivet authenticity. The game is scalable for any skill level, so novices can let the Weapons Officer resolve target solutions automatically while hardcore submariners can enter their own range, speed, bearing, and distance calculations at SH3's challenging TDC torpedo data "computer" station.

Sadly, cooperative Wolfpack engagements are only available in the eight-person multiplayer game, but that's a forgivable omission considering the depth and quality of the single-player campaign.

The cinematic visuals - curiously locked at x - are another huge selling point. Destroyed ships blow apart with Spielberg-ian aplomb and the lush water effects - from moonlit Mediterranean swells to full-on North Atlantic gales - are the best we've seen in any PC game.

There are graphic anomalies with certain videocards, but a recent patch addressed many issues. You don't have to be a simulation fan to appreciate this remarkable new "Game of the Year" contender. How to run this game on modern Windows PC? Contact:done in 0.