Teaching in brunei salary

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teaching in brunei salary

About us.While many people believe that Brunei is in the Middle East as it is a small oil-rich Muslim state, it is actually situated in Southeast Asia on the Northeast coast of the island of Borneo, KM north of the Equator.

Brunei is divided into two separate sections and is totally surrounded by the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The country has a lush, green, leafy feel to it that many people find very attractive, and the amount of flora and fauna is one of the many appealing aspects of life in Brunei.

Most people tend to live on or near the coast, as the rest of the country is mostly primary or secondary rainforest. Despite the enormous amount of development which has taken place over the last ten years, there are still very large areas of untouched jungle, as there has been little or no extensive logging and there is not really any heavy industry. The oil industry is concentrated on the southwest coast and does not have a serious degrading effect on the environment.

Because of the small population, the towns are not crowded. Thus, much of the country is in pristine condition. Brunei is a Muslim country, therefore Western style nightlife is limited and there are no official pubs or nightclubs.

However, the lack of such establishments means that people tend to organize more events and parties themselves. There are a number of clubs and societies one can join to meet people, cinemas showing the latest Hollywood blockbusters, and several restaurants in various price ranges. As well, it is easy to cross the border into Malaysia, where one can visit bars and nightclubs. However, many single teachers find that they can socialize with other singles and go into the neighbouring states quite easily, making Brunei quite liveable for everyone.

During vacation time, teachers in Brunei can spend their holidays in various places throughout Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Many teachers take the opportunity to visit Australia and New Zealand, while adventurous types may go farther afield to China or India.

It is also fairly easy to travel around Borneo by car, plane or boat. Although not crime-free, the crime rate is much lower in Brunei than in Western societies. There is little or no street crime; burglaries are quite rare. It is advised that teachers exercise the same caution as they would in any location.

Overall, though, teachers find that Brunei is a very safe place to live, and many prefer the idea of their children growing up in Brunei.

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In general, teachers find that the cost of living in Brunei is much lower than what they have been used to at home. There is a very large second-hand car market in Brunei, with a wide range of mostly Japanese and other Asian models available. Traffic is quite light in Brunei, unlike most other Asian countries.

Apart from certain times of the day, such as when schools finish, traffic tends to flow freely. Roads are generally very good, although in more remote areas they can occasionally be in a poorer state of repair.

The standard electricity supply in Brunei is volts. Plugs are of the 3 prong variety, the same as in the UK. Adapters for other plugs are easy to find. Power outages happen occasionally, in some areas more than others, but usually not for more than a couple of hours.We lead the world's largest, longest running and most successful English-speaking teacher scheme recruiting top quality teachers to teach in Brunei's schools. In Brunei, Standard Malay, is the official language, but English is viewed as the principal language of business.

English medium instruction is mandatory for all students commencing in Year 1 of primary school in the key subject areas of mathematics, history, science and geography as well as English. Since then, the Bruneian government has remained committed to its bilingual education policy, and our relationship with the government has strengthened and widened in scope from a key recruiter of high quality teachers, to developing a range of English-related education, assessment and professional development projects across Brunei.

Our teachers work with more than 20, students across Brunei in more than 80 per cent of Brunei government schools. Our focus is to support and extend the quality of education by placing qualified, expert teachers in government schools to deliver innovative 21st -century teaching — engaging students to become proficient English language speakers and dynamic learners.

We use data to design and deliver tailored intervention and support programmes for students and we support the development of local and our capacity by leading both formal and informal continuing professional development; from cluster and national workshops to school-based structured professional learning communities.

In addition to our core responsibility of providing experienced and highly qualified teachers, we support a range of English-related projects to improve language learning both within and beyond the curriculum. We have developed materials for a range of age groups: through supporting the Ministry of Education's development of English language course books; through in-house publications; or through English language teaching software.

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Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. So I might possibly be taking a teaching post in Brunei in the new year! I realise there is another post about something similar but it was from years ago so just wondering if opinions are still the same about living there. Myself and Boyfriend are considering a one year teaching contract I will be teaching but my bf is not a teacher and trying to research but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info out there!

Our main aim is to save some money because we are young and trying build up funds and we also love South east asia. Look on daveseslcafe. There are also a few threads on www.

You wouldn't be able to get a visa for you boyfriend as you aren't married. He'd end up doing visa runs. Even if he could get a visa if you were married he wouldn't be able to work on that visa. It's a beautiful country, but very quiet. There's no alcohol, no bars. You can bring in a small amount of alcohol as a foreigner as long as you're not Muslim.

Entertainment tends to be based more around your home than going out. Depending on your interests you may find it very boring. On the other hand, it's a great base for exploring Borneo.

Brunei is a very safe, clean country. But, like Singapore, people tend to either love it or be bored very quickly. It entirely depends on your personality. I love it, and the lack of a 'party' scene is one of the big attractions for me!

If you're looking at an international school, there are also some reviews on International Schools Review but it is a paid site. As the previous poster said, you'll not be able to get a visa for your boyfriend and he'll probably find it difficult to get a working visa.

White collar expat jobs are limited in Brunei so, depending what he does, he may have to resign himself to not working at all which won't help with your money saving plans. They will even give him an allowance every month in case he can't find work. SO we are not worried about this aspect. We are really interested in exploring Borneo so that's a major plus.

Secondary School Teacher Salary in Brunei

We are very sociable people and young so the lack of social life will be challenging. We see it as a small sacrifice though for the well paid position, and we can save more money so then when we head to South America afterwards we can spend it all on socialising at the world cup :. My 2cents worth. It's much easier if you and bf hold British passport! As you plan to explore Borneo using Brunei as a base, you need to check your school calendar and teaching schedule.

Some offer you plenty of time to wander off, whilst others will work you no end! If your schedule follow the national calendar, then you will be joining the hordes of locals on their travails to Sabah and Sarawak every school holidays and public holidays. Air Asia allows you to go around the region cheaply, just like Ryanair and easyjet.Note: our system indicates that Javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser.

In order to take advantage of full functionality of this site, javascript must be enabled. Please change your browser options. Mysterious, exciting and unspoilt. Brunei is one the jewels in the crown of Asia ticks the boxes for those who want to experience an authentic way of life while marvelling at their surroundings. Brunei is probably best known for its wealthy ruler Hassanal Bolkiah but scratch the surface and the country offers a unique way of life combined with tax-free earnings.

Those who live here can relax on its beaches, explore the country's landscape and live alongside its rich biodiversity. The state often provides subsidised accommodation for its teachers. Not only does Teachanywhere support a small number of international schools in Brunei but we are partnered with a great charity providing Primary and English teachers across the more rural parts of the country.

Be sure to ask your Teachanywhere advisor for more information. Learn all about Brunei with our Teachanywhere experts. We will make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to decide if Brunei is the place for you. Education valued - Much resource has been ploughed into education, making it a growing sector.

Be respectful - All expats, especially women, should dress modestly and physical contact should not be made between members of the opposite sex in public. Look after yourself - Healthcare in Brunei is good but take out medical insurance before you travel. No language barrier - English is one of the most common spoken languages in Brunei, helping the transition.

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Police checks - The police in Brunei conduct regular checks on roadsides looking for illegal alcohol and drugs.

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Brunei Mysterious, exciting and unspoilt. Latest jobs No latest jobs found.Teaching in Brunei offers an opportunity to work in a public school system within a small, resource-rich country.

Living / Teaching in Brunei

Learn More. With a beautiful coastline on the South China Sea, Brunei is located on the North Coast of the island of Borneo, surrounded by Malaysia on three sides. Brunei is considered to be a developed country and is ranked 4th in the world in GDP per capita, making it one of the richest areas in the world. Although Brunei has maintained a long association with Britain, it is an independent, sovereign state with its own culture and perspectives.

Culture shock is something to be prepared for with any overseas teaching position. Flexibility, patience, tolerance and a sense of humour are all qualities of inestimable value to a newcomer. It is best to adopt a pragmatic approach and try to work within the system as effectively as possible. Brunei, like many countries, has an education system in a state of development, as the government aims to establish a curriculum that suits the needs of its citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Teachers will work within the public school system in Brunei, teaching students from primary to secondary school while working towards objectives set out by the Ministry of Education. Qualified candidates can expect tax-free salaries that follow a government scale for a 1.

It will be expected that teachers are able and willing to drive. Due to Ministry of Education regulations in Brunei, only applicants who will be less than 55 years of age on initial engagement are eligible for consideration. Your new teaching journey starts here. Discover opportunities to take your teaching career abroad with Teach Away. Schools in Brunei vary widely in terms of size, age, location and state of repair.

teaching in brunei salary

Some schools are very new and modern, while others may need extensive renovation. Teachers selected to teach in Brunei must be prepared to serve in any school, in any part of the country, rural or urban.

Preferences are considered, but final decisions are made by the Ministry of Education. However, regardless of location, teachers are assured similar standards of housing and access to welfare and professional support. Schools are closed on Fridays and Sundays, with Saturday being a working day.

Brunei operates a four term year, each of weeks, with a 10 day or 2 week holiday between each term. In addition to this, teachers can expect 4 to 5 weeks off in December. The school year comprises a total of about days, with a generous amount of public holidays. Students in Brunei public schools tend to be polite and well-behaved and are accustomed to being firmly and clearly directed. They are familiar with being taught by non-Bruneian teachers, especially in secondary schools, and are tolerant of them and their lack of knowledge of the country, its language and its customs.

teaching in brunei salary

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