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Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by MaurizioMay 9, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. MaurizioMay 9, I know, I know TuneECU is a Windows based application Then I take this: and this Also, I've found out that no errors were stored in the ECU: good! Now, if some fellow er will create a new map, it will be nice that it will be shared and I will be happy to test it on my bike. GezwindeSpoedMay 9, Nice, I would love to play with the EPT map. I will have a look at the connectors.

ADV Sponsors. Joined: Jul 29, Oddometer: Location: uk, or on a rally. Benduro likes this. You're quite right, only an idiot would download a map from the internet and put it in their bike. Always start from a known point, ie akra map and tweak in small steps to be safe. I do remap other peoples bikes but only use maps I have proven in my own bikes. I'll willing help people to understand the fi system and how to work with it, but wont do all the work for them.

So any question just ask. Seth SMay 9, Joined: Jul 19, Oddometer: 5, Location: Deleted. Vector LetoMay 10, MaurizioMay 11, As Beata testers the owners would have been up the creek if it was not for the shareing of ideas and solutions. There are guys on this board that I have listened to enough to tell which ones are in the know and which onesto just not pay much attention to. I know that some guys are gooing to sort out the FI issues with this bike and if they offer it to me Ill try it. If some of them want to sell it and they are ones I trust I may buy it.

tuneecu ktm

The notion that we all want something for free is bull shit. If the person that spends the time testing and developing settings wants to be reimbursed he will not offer it for free.Doc Ver Further development and support for the Windows version ended in December Note: use the search term "tuneecu" in Store. These providers do not act on our behalf. The team TuneECU dissociates from these suppliersas we have no control over what is passed from these providers on the users.

For safety! Download the Android software exclusively from the Google Play Store. Resist the temptation to fiddle before you know what you are doing! Ensure you have the correct tune for the VIN range of your bike and its specification! If you are in doubt ask an expert. It works perfectly when a second volt car battery is connected. Disclaimer: Use of the software is at your own risk. Neither the software developer or the website operator will provide any form of guarantee.

Software for Windows, find here. Important note!!

How to change the mapping on a KTM Duke

No Motobike Manufactor have had involvement in this product. All Rights Reserved. German French Italian Spanish Portuguese. TuneECU for Windows is outdated and only compatible with some of the listed models. This version is no longer recommended. Compatible models see "bikes list" by programmer Important!!Doc Ver Keihin Mode. For the Android version click here.

Not all tests are available on all motorcycles. Test components of the motorcycle. Each test lasts around 10 seconds:. Occurs in several steps see workshop manual. See the procedure in section "Map Edit". Resets the closed throttle position sets to a high value.

tuneecu ktm

Then start the engine and let idle for 60s to allow the ECU to trim to the correct value. Double- click on the line to access this setting for adjusting the idle fuel trim. Double-click to adjust. Injection correction: Double click on "Global. Recording in the ECU will be effective only after the value turns gray. Important note!! No Motobike Manufactor have had involvement in this product. All Rights Reserved. German French Italian Spanish Portuguese.

The idle speed control stepper motor will be completely retracted and the throttle valves completely closed. In this mode all readings of the instrument panel are inactive. TPS Reset Resets the closed throttle position sets to a high value. Setting CO Double- click on the line to access this setting for adjusting the idle fuel trim. Long Term Fuel Trim Double-click to adjust. Triumph : The display resolution is 10 hPa, the synchronization is correct if the difference is from 0 to 10 hPa.Doc Ver On restarting TuneECU the last opened map is displayed.

tuneecu ktm

You must select a mapping that matches your model of motorcycle and its configuration eg. When you select a map as in Figure 6, details of the map such as motorcycle, etc are displayed and can be updated freeform text box and saved as part of the map.

Below this are various tables that make up the map click to select :.


KTM These tables are indexed by manifold air pressure. Special features regarding the ignition-table-names of the Aprilia Shiver, Dorsoduro and Caponord models.

Engine idle: Idling speed as a function of the temperature. These tables are for the different driving modes e. For the following description, the map of a Triumph Street Triple was used as an example. The status bar displays the battery voltage, condition of the injection system operating in closed or open loopadaptation state for the TPS Keihinstorage drive location and filename of the loaded map. Note: Not all parameters for all bike models available. Note: There not any parameters and devices in all bikes are available.

The parameters for the two Benelli Map's Map 0 and Map 1 can be changed separately, select the table 0 or 1 F or Iso you can access to the appropriate parameters. The display "parameter" changes automatically depending on the chosen F or I map, to "parameter Map 0 " or "parameter Map1 ". I: ignition advance tables. I Limit: ignition Limit.

I Idle: ignition Idling. I Idle N : Ignition. The N table is used when the bike is in neutral. Full load and full throttle are not the same. Idling: idling speed according to temperature. Changing values and parameter of tables advanced user :. It is advised against making changes to the following values as the installed map is optimised for your setup. However if you have a dynamometer, it is always possible to adjust the values to achieve better performance, knowing that the best power is obtained with an AFR value of Other tables can be modified according to your preferences Idling speed dependent on the engine temperature.

Warming-up phase:. Changing values and parameters of a table advanced user :. Value of a table Fig. Use the arrow keys from the keyboard, you can jumping from version 1. New feature from release 1.

KTM 690 E & TuneECU

The values before the change can be displayed by pressing and holding the F6 key. Parameter Values Mapping: Click on the parameter and change onscreen with mouse. The ESC key cancels changes if the new values are validated by default.

The values before the change can be displayed by pressing the F6 key.As recommended by TuneECU. Providing a stable connection to your bike and no dead ECUs! Read data and remap your bike. USB-C Adaptor included! Please check TuneECU site for compatibility with your model. You can also connect to Triumph, Benelli and Aprilia bikes but you will need separate adaptors for Benelli and Aprilia.

See our Ebay store or contact us. Cable guaranteed to connect without dropouts or your money back. Our adaptors are professionally moulded using a heavy gauge wire - you will not find the same quality anywhere. Comes with full instructions for installation and complete backup to ensure you do not have any problems.

Any problems - you simply tell us and we'll solve them. Smooth connection and no dropouts.

Extra accessories required for KTM:

All pins wired unlike cheaper cables that will not connect to later models. If you buy more than one product we reduce postage costs on additional items.

If the postage is not automatically reduced, we will refund the difference to you. Any problems, just contact us. We don't expect our customers to pay for lost or damaged items - we insure everything in the price. Not all sellers do this. Items are sent out via an insured and signed for service - subject to Post Office hours and unless otherwise stated.

We will send you notification by email once goods have been sent out. Delivery to the UK is typically next working day, once dispatched, but not guaranteed. Delivery to European nations outside of the UK is between 2 to 5 days, normally. We are a UK based company that originated in and became incorporated in Doc Ver Installation of FrameWork 2.

Download FrameWork 2. Run dotnetfx. Otherwise Windows will download the latest driver automatically, which may not be compatible with TuneECU if your cable came with a CD of drivers. Not for Win 8, select here the driver package for manual installation. Just run the setup. For Windows 10the drivers are automatically installed via Windows Update.

Plug the cable into a USB port.

KTM 690 E & TuneECU

Click Next. You see this screen:. Use the drivers that came with the cable. See here. With Windows 10 is similar. The problem is the enforced driver signing in Windows8, Windows 8. The hardware id of TuneBoy cable is different vs. So even though both cables have same chip, the TuneBoy cable needs the matching driver from the TuneBoy site. Problems with the driver installation?

Windows version only For example, Windows reports: can not find driver software for this device Please read this post from www. Another source for help is the FTDI-support. Important note!! No Motobike Manufactor have had involvement in this product.

All Rights Reserved. German French Italian Spanish Portuguese.Doc Ver Many thanks to Alain for the pictures. Another Tip, that can possibly help comes from "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia forum. Link the cable shield with the ground pin of the OBD connector. See the following picture. Note: the picture shows the connection on pin 5 for ApriliaKTM uses pin 4 as ground. Thanks "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia-Forum. A nother tip from "ktmguy" from the KTM forumThanks ktmguy. To avoid disconnection issues check and fix the following: Make sure the shield of the USB cable is fixed to the negative of the cable.

See the wire and shield together in the heat shrink in the following picture. He also fitted a ferrite choke on the cable as you see here:.

tuneecu ktm

On his bike Tuneecu disconnected as soon as he started the engine, these 2 mods fixed the issue and now it stays on no problem.

All Rights Reserved. German French Italian Spanish Portuguese. Support is only for the software Android vers. V multi-connector 2. Many thanks to Lars for this information. An improvement can be obtained, if you change the parameters for the virtual COM-port. The following settings are only one example, which have helped many users. It is possible these settings will not help all users, however; then some other parameters must be changed.

He de-soldered the cable, stripped it back a bit, joined the shield and the negative and soldered it all back on with some heatshrink around it.