When to cut nails astrology

If you're not a fan of filing like me — I literally cringe when a nail technician at a salon whips a file out — or if you want your nails to stay as healthy as possible in general, take notes. You already know you're not supposed to cut your cuticlesbut here's another no-no, according to Madeline Poole, a pro nail artist and Sally Hansen's Global Color Ambassador: quickly filing your nails back and forth.

The right way to file your nails? Poole schooled me and said you get the smoothest, fray-free finish when you file from the side of your nail to the center in one direction, lifting the file away from the nail, and returning to the starting point where your skin and nail connect.

Poole suggests doing this on repeat until you've achieve your desired shape. Once you've achieved your desired shape, if you notice nail filings still attached to the tips — Poole refers to these bits as "feathers" — get rid of them by tucking the tip of the file under your nail and using a flicking motion to create a smoother edge.

To right the wrong kind of filing, it's best to trim them again slightly and refile them for a smoother result.

Astro Varnish: Which nail colour suits your zodiac sign?

Then, "apply a nail oil that contains vitamin E on them to help hydrate the nail bed," Poole adds. Get non-boring fashion and beauty news directly in your feed. Follow Facebook. Follow Carly on Twitter and Instagram. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Ruben Chamorro.

Interesting Astrology Fact Revealed: Vedic Laws For Personal Care Hair, Nail Cutting, Shaving

Carly Cardellino Carly Cardellino was the beauty director at Cosmopolitan. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Beauty. Presented by.Everyone is aware that nails accumulate dirt and have more chance of spreading infections. Most of us take care of our body and always neglect the small areas like toenails and fingernails which is also an essential part of our body. More importantly these easy-to-forget areas are also essential parts that can guard your finger tips and toes from scratch and injures.

Yet keeping them clean is imperative. Cutting and trimming your nails is one of the things that most of us forget or neglect completely because we consider it to be boring or not so important. And subsequently we let them grow and get infected. So keeping them trim is better to avoid any kind of nail problems such as ingrown toenails, spoon-shaped nails and pincer nails. Did you know that nails can give you clues about your overall health? So cutting your nails and keeping them dirt free is more essential for you to stay away from health problems.

The benefits of cutting nails are that they help the prevention of diseases. Proper nail hygiene can control diseases as this curbs the spread of diseases. It is important to look after your finger nails and toenails. Make sure to wash around and cut your nails regularly. Here are some of the health benefits of cutting nails. This is the most serious medical condition caused by not cutting your nails regularly. Ingrown nails also called as onychocryptosis can be painful and unpleasant.

When you have big nails they tend to pierce the skin. Some people have toenails that are curved and the corners or sides of it grow into the soft flesh. The result leads to pain and swelling and it can sometime also turn into infections. The hurt and pain can make the toe very sore. If your pain is unbearable or severe consult a doctor.

Your doctor can relieve you from the pain. If you are permanently wearing shoes or socks then toenails can increase the bacteria formation as your feet is not able to breathe as you sweat. So try to cut your nails to get rid of infections. Make sure that you do not wear dirty socks as it can lead to toenail infections. Pretty nails give an impression of good hygiene and maturity. The health benefits of cutting your nails regularly can help you to get rid of Tinea.

It usually occurs between the toes with white patches of skin veering away.Similarly, when misunderstandings grow, cut your ego and not your relationships. When ego inflates the rationality deteriorates. According to Ayurveda if nails of hands and feet are cut regularly then health of the digestive system improves. Various diseases can be diagnosed from the colour of the nails. As most people have a holiday on Sunday they cut nails on that day.

Some are curious to know which day is appropriate for nail cutting. For e. By growing nails the Tama component in the body increases. As the days of the week are decided as per the hora, if we look at the actions which are appropriate to the hora, it turns out that except Saturday and Sunday all other days are appropriate for cutting nails from the point of view of individual and collective spiritual practice.

What is explained below is the benefit derived by cutting nails on a particular day of the week. Ensure that the cut nails do not fall inside the house. Wrap them in paper and throw them at the side of the road such that no one gets access to them.

Upanayan Thread ceremony Sanskars performed after the birth of a child! Effects of cutting nails on a particular day of the week Day of the week Actions to be performed based on the hora Probable benefits of cutting nails Analysis of nail cutting 1. Monday All actions Acquiring good health Monday is Somvar. Som means the moon which is associated with the mind.

Our health is dependent upon the state of our mind. Cutting nails on Monday may help in removing the envelope of Tama component around the mind. Tuesday War and arguments Helps in being relieved from a debt Do not cut nails on Tuesday to avoid arguments arising from clearing a debt.

Wednesday Imparting knowledge Acquiring wealth righteously Mercury Budh is the intellectual planet of the class of traders.


Thursday Auspicious acts Ceases the occurrence of Inauspicious events at home and the mind turns towards worship of the Guru Jupiter Guru is a spiritual planet, and it inspires worship. If nails are cut on this day it helps in increasing the Sattva component. Friday Travel Meeting near and dear ones Venus Shukra is associated with art and priti Unconditional spiritual love.

If nails are cut on Friday then one may travel to meet a near and dear person. Saturday Accumulation of wealth Increase in attachment and decrease in mental stability In spiritual practice sacrifice is of utmost importance. Accumulation of wealth may cause the mind to get diverted from the target.A host of superstitions from a myriad of cultures spring from the most common and most mundane aspects of human existence. Anything and everything that grows seems to have had much meaning assigned to it.

This installment looks at some of the superstitions surrounding the care and maintenance of two very common natural growths — hair and nails. All that follows is directly quoted. The sources date back through the centuries and where possible, the dates of publication are included. The superstitions themselves, however, date back farther than their publication dates.

Most are western beliefs and come from England.

when to cut nails astrology

In ancient Ireland if a traveler was to happen upon a woman with red hair he must turn around and start his journey all over again. The superstition comes from the legend of the goddess Macha who was said to have cursed the men of Ireland for nine generations with horrible pangs like labor. The curse was not unwarranted of course. While in human form and pregnant the king of the land forced her to race against his fasted horses for her husband had boasted of her speed lest he be killed.

She begged for sympathy and received none from the warriors in the crowd who were eager to see the sport. She won the race but the stress caused her to give birth to her children in the field.

Watch out! Are you Cutting Your Hair and Nails on Right Day?

For causing her this pain she cursed the men of Ireland except the hero Cucculain and her own children. When war came to the land only Cucculain could fight. Being a red head myself I find it a little unfair, but ever if I were in Ireland who knows who would turn tale from me….

Jamie :. Most of the story of Emain Macha is correct, except a couple of important details. If you read the Cattle Raid of Cooley, it will give you the full details of the incident. The labor pains or menstrual cramps that the men suffered through were to last 9 days and leave them completely incapacitated.

He did a fantastic job of tying together fairy tale and reality. FYI — I am not only surrounded by red heads fiance, mother and little cousin, but we are all Irish as well. Thank you for your time, Caroline. The scientists tell us that viruses producing illness are transmitted either through the air or through physical contact.

Apparently, our ancestors had a different take on the subject. The formidable spell is now in my possession. In fact most of these ancient folks were less concerned with giving their illness to another than with lifting their affliction from themselves. How did they do it? Well, hair and nails…. We hope the brother was cured after all that…. A cock was buried alive along with these on the spot where the victim was first seized with the disease epilepsy.

So, now we know, we can send an illness to another or send the illness away, with the clippings of our hair and nails. Cut them on Monday, you cut them for health; cut them on Tuesday, you cut them for wealth; cut them on Wednesday, you cut them for news; cut them on Thursday, a new pair of shoes.

There are a few variations on that rhyme, but in all circumstances, cutting on Sunday is cutting for evil. Ah, imagine what they would have thought about Sunday shopping! So, what were they to do, let the nails and hair grow wild for the first year of life?Neelji But in the hindu ancient believes it is said to not to cut nails on tuesday and thursday and ate forbidden. Then how come cutying nails on tue and thur can attract money and intrlligence.

Since you are a knowlefgeble person in this regard kindly advice and guide. In the Hindu religion there are many beliefs. The post contains information given in Tantra Shastra. So in your opinion can i go ahead and start cutting my nails on tuesday and as mentioned in the post throwing them out of my house to remove debt.

Pl advice. So in your opinion is it safe n alright to cut the nails on tuesdays and throw them out of my house to remove debt. I just put information forward. It is always left to the reader to follow it or not. Sir we need to collect 5 weeks and throw them out or weekly for 5 weeks pls reply.

when to cut nails astrology

Thank u. Hello Sir, Do we need to do the above mentioned remedy for consecutive 5 weeks or we can do this for MORE than 5 weeks. Thanks a ton. The remedy has to be done for 5 consecutive weeks, If you want to continue then do the remedy for the next 5 weeks and so on. Neelji, thanks for the input even I have read the same in very old book. I would like to know best days for hair cut.

I had gone to an astrologer he put a cut on my nails is it safe for me?? As he it was during conversation he did so I didn't react as of now I am thinking it's right or it might be harmful.

Plz guide?Red, of course. Go green. Do you have an impressive collection of nail polish in all shades from glossy to glittery to neon to pastel, yet can never decide what colour to paint your nails? The solution may perhaps lie… with your astrological sign! According to astrologists, your zodiac colour reflects your character. Each astrological sign has its peculiarities.

Colours can tell us much more than we think, or so some people speculate. Have a little bit of fun and head up to the gallery to discover what colour represents your astrological sign, and choose your nail polish accordingly, for a pretty manicure that complements your personality! If you find yourself subconsciously drawn to another shade, go ahead and get experimental. Never hesitate to pretty up those nails.

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The recent surge brings new opportunities to indulge our cosmic sides. Most notably? A phenomenon called lunar hair care, and rumor has it that these moon-inspired trims can actually score you longer, thicker locks. Lunar hair care is one way that astrology fans have incorporated the power of the stars into their recent self-care practices. It involves syncing hair trims with the lunar cycles, letting cosmic timing set the pace of an otherwise mundane task.

The idea is that trimming the hair in time with certain cycles of the moon can bring about longer, stronger, and lusher strands. There's some precedent for this belief, too. Farmers have relied upon the moon's phases for guidance on when to plant crops for optimal growth, dating as far back as the s.

See the Farmer's Almanac. Lunar hair care simply applies the same planetary principles to us—specifically, to our hair.

when to cut nails astrology

This is the same approach we take in lunar hair care," says Stefani Padillaa hairstylist and shaman. It is this upward movement of water, cued by the moon, that is at the root of lunar hair care. Just as we plant seeds of intention with the new moon and release that which no longer serves us at the full moon, we can do the same with our physical bodies:.

Understanding the specifics of syncing your hair care with the moon cycles takes the waxing and waning of the moon into consideration. New moons, at the very beginning of the lunar cycle, are barely visible in the sky. Esoterically, this is believed to be the ideal time for planting the seeds of intention; so, as the moon is on the brink of growing in the sky, this is when to make your hair goals explicit i. As you are manifesting your best possible mane, Padilla reminds us that positive self-talk is the missing ingredient for success.

Just as personal growth comes through work, so does hair growth. Even if you follow the lunar charts for your trims, it will mean nothing if you spend the time in between not caring for your strands and scalp—or even worse, damaging it with excessive product buildup, regular heat styling, or physical wear and tear.

First, make sure to keep your ends hydrated and limit damage. While this won't stimulate growth at the root, it will mean less length taken off at your next trim. You must also practice regular scalp care by eliminating buildup and encouraging circulation. When you have too much buildup from oils, products, and debris, it can cause inflammation at the root. When this happens long term, chronic inflammation can even lead to hair loss. Make sure to clean the scalp regularly with a safe shampoo—or even a scalp exfoliator.

Finally, consider your diet and supplements. Eating foods high in fatty acids and vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid may encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss. And supplements like iron, magnesiumzinc, collagenand biotin may support hair health. If you are trying for length, you're recommended to get a trim every 10 to 12 weeks, which coincidentally is about the length of a season.

In astrology, the summer and winter solstice and fall and spring equinox are very important. These four time periods signal a moment of transition. Use these as markers for your own style change—yes, even if that style change is just a trim. When we cut the actual strands of the hair, even the tiniest trim, we can feel an energetic shift," she says. The full moon—when the moon most visible and on the precipice of waning—is like the peak before the descent, a time symbolically affiliated with release.

Letting go of that which doesn't serve you at the full moon is ripe with symbolism for trimming away the dead, dull, split ends of your hair at this time.

No better excuse for a night in during a full moon than a hair maskno? Here's the thing: Manifestation is a personal practice that means different things to different people.